The Remedies to Relief Menstruation and Bloating

Published: 24th November 2011
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There are countless ladies who are impaired by menstruation bloating on every single day on this planet. This problem has been impacting the female population worldwide. Bloating is often a condition when somebody is dealing with abnormal fullness and tightness from the stomach up to chest area. The reason is due to severe gas accumulation surrounding the intestinal area. There are some incidents that the bloating is in conjunction with some discomfort or pain and in some really serious incidents; it may even cause problem in breathing.

Furthermore, commonly the female who had menstruation bloating will likely to also get water retention. To some extend it might seem she has put on some inches around her belly simply in a couple of days before or during her menstruation. It truly may be a pain if someone has to go through it nearly every month. The unpleasant experience will certainly disrupt your life. It will sometimes influence your abilities in your study, your career or sometimes even affect your relationship with family members or friends. It is all simply because you are not feeling well.

There are solutions for you to put a stop to it! You are no longer required to tolerate with the awful feeling of menstruation bloating any longer. You can actually take charge of it and do not let it influence your capability any further. There are a few simple solutions to guide you to ease the problems. Many of the guidelines are good practices which typically will be helpful to your daily life. Some of these procedures will deliver speedy relief, and others will take time to see the results.

Instant Help

This technique can provide an immediate relief for menstruation bloating feeling. You can place a hot pack on your tummy. In case you do not have a hot pack, you can consider placing some hot water into a glass bottle and you just roll it gently around your abdomen area.

There are many traditional medicated or herbal oils that will help to reduce bloating. One of the many popular is the nutmeg oil. Please be sure to check the instruction of the treated oil properly as several oils are only to be applied gently and not to rub on skin. However, it is not advisable to combine both the hot pack method as well as application of medicated oil method together. It is best to try them one at a time.

Eating habits

Firstly, you might want to improve your eating plan and also selection of food. You might want to minimize consumption of those type of foods which are prone to cause the bloating. Commonly, there are yellow onion, garlic, shallots, Capsicum (also known as pepper), sweet potatoes, oily food, fried food and some dairy food. Most commonly they may cause bloating as the food easily produce gas within the intestines during the digestion. It is wise to avoid spicy, hot and sour food which will upset and cause pain to your abdominal area.


Try not to drink ice cold beverages whenever your stomach is empty given it is going to upset your stomach and quite often will bring about bloating. You can possibly change it with warm water and also take it sip by sip. It is also preferable to avoid drinking lots of water during food as well as right after food. This will dilute the gastric enzyme and affect the digestion of food. In due course it is going to lead to acid reflux thus making you experience bloating. You can actually just take a sip of hot water if you really want to drink some water during mealtime.

Liquors and Tobacco

You should decrease the consumption of alcohol, caffeine products like coffee, tea, cappuccino and latte. Extreme intake of these will provide more harm to your body. It is better if you also can reduce the intake of cigarettes and tobacco products. If you think you could not possible to change the habit in a short period of time. It is important to have proper planning and powerful self-discipline to achieve this goal..


Keep a regular exercise activities certainly will be useful to your bloating problem. Some basic training just as simple as walking and brisk walking are good examples. It can help in boost your stamina and it is also help to reduce bloating. It is advisable to maintain jogging for minimum three times per week and you will soon be able to see the impact.

It is best recommended to seek for medical advice or health care provider if you encountered significant menstruation bloating. Make sure you point out clearly on the symptoms that you are feeling. It is to facilitate them to offers more appropriate medication and therapy to you.

There are plenty of successful testimonies related to relief and prevention of menstruation bloating. You could possibly be the next one to give the testimony. It is important for you to identify the right methods or strategies which most suitable for your body as each individual are incredibly unique. By following and practicing these methods, I really believe you will soon be able to have the relief on your menstruation and bloating issue which may harass you nearly just about every 30 days.

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